Friday 7 August 2015

J loved these baby food / fruit puree pouches:

Art lesson today.

I bought Dot-a-Dot markers for J to explore with colours.
Love them very much because they are chuncky
and J could easily hold it with his little hand.

I saw these on Facebook online shops
and thought perhaps we can make these ourselves too.
So I asked Mr. B and see if he can make some:

Hand painting:


J's masterpiece:

With my guidance:

Homemade stamps:

This week was the week of RED colour:

Thursday 6 August 2015

We went to the swimming pool that we had our swimming lesson (SCAA) today to practice swimming with Marie.
J was much more focused on swimming and submerging in the water today, compared to swimming in our Clubhouse, where he would spent most of his time walking up and down the stairs, and chatting with other swimmers.

We then went to a park to have some outdoor fun:

Tuesday 4 August 2015