Saturday 8 October 2016

Sweating so much:

He worked with Mr. B to build this railway together.

I did not know what was so funny:


Friday 7 October 2016

It was J's first ever school interview today.
It was an international school. The whole interview was conducted in English.
The interview was at 2:30pm.
We went there after J's nap.
He was in a very good mood today, and he behaved extremely well during the whole period.
The interview was divided into 2 parts; free play and circle time.
During free play, J was allowed to play with any of the toy stations that were set up in the room. Some were on the table, some were on the floor.
J was immediately attracted to the vechicle set on the floor.
I played together with him while the teachers went around the room doing interviews on other kid/parents.
Then it was our turn for the interview.
The teacher came and sat with us on the floor. He asked J which was his favourite vechicles, and J picked up the helicopter.
The teacher said "a helicopter", and J said "no, it's a rescue helicopter"
The teacher then asked me questions like who look after him and what is his daily activities.

Then the teachers hand out baskets and asked the kids to tidy up, ready for circle time.
J put away the toys in the basket and gave it to the teacher.

During circle time there was a row of chairs where the kids sit down to face the lead teacher.
J did not want to sit on that row and I did not force him. He chose to sit behind of the row of chairs next to a table.

The lead teacher started off with singing along with some actions e.g. clapping hands and stomping feet and turning around, to warm up the kids i guess. J got more and more enjoyable doing the actions, but because he was behind the kids and parents he wasn't able to see clearly.
So I asked him to sit in the front row like the others, and he quickly ran there and was playing happily with the action song.

Then the lead teacher did a series of games mainly to see if the kids can follow instructions, and clearly J had absolutely no problem with it!
He understood all instructions, and was enjoying every single moment of it!

Towards the end the teacher took out a tube of bubbles to blow and J and other kids went to catch the bubbles.
J then asked the teacher "Can I try please?" and the teacher let him play with it for a very short while.

The circle time ended with a Goodbye song and J was standing next to the lead teacher facing the other kids and parents singing the song together waving hands saying goodbye.

I was very very very impressed with J.

Thursday 6 October 2016

Reading story book:

Recently he loved to play with these dolls which were given by my parents as presents when he was a little baby:

Angry face:

Smiley face:

Serious face: