Friday 8 January 2016


One of the art and craft activities:

Snack time:

I told J that this Frozen biscuits was a gift from us to his friend A,
so he reminded A to take it:

He insisted A to take it:

A's mum asked A to give some water for J to drink.

We praised A for giving water to J:

So she kept giving water to J and was looking at us waiting to be praised again:

Really love their interactions:

A looked into J's eyes and they smiled and giggled:

I really did not understand what was so funny:

Really that funny?

J's friends:

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Went to Disneyland today with his friend S.

He was not in a very good mood:

J knew I was doing selfies, he wanted his ticket to be in the pictures as well,
so he held up his ticket in the last few pictures:

J waited very patiently wondering when would S give him some snacks:

Super handsome:

Sunday 3 January 2016

Watching TV: