Saturday 9 April 2016

J was playing with Mr. B's handmade "city":

I can no longer carry J in one hand and cook / wash with another hand,
so I let him to stand on a stool to watch / help me while I work in the kitchen.

J was trying to scoop some water from the kettle: 😂

J asked me to draw some people on the bus for him.
He 1st wanted a driver.
He then wanted himself to sit on the 2nd seat.
His friend, M, sitting on the 3rd seat.
M's little sister, sitting on the 4th seat.
He then wanted another Julian sitting on the last seat, and he wanted a bib.
I gave him a cap.

He then asked for daddy, I said no more space in the bus.
He pointed to the 1st Julian and said "baba, sit, Julian"

So I drew daddy sitting next to him.

He then pointed to the 1st Julian and said "big big milk" 😂
I asked him if he wanted to hold a milk bottle and he nodded.

So I drew a milk bottle in his hand.

He then said "another big big milk" 😂😂😂
I asked "another big big milk?"
He nodded and pointed to daddy and said "baba, Julian, hold"
I asked "you want daddy to hold the bottle with you?"
He nodded.

So this was the picture:

Wednesday 6 April 2016

I let him sit by himself on the bus.
I guess that was a mistake, he was too excited to watch the buses and cars, and not willing to nap!

J fell asleep as soon as he was on the bus.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

He had not been eating well since yesterday:

I asked him to make a sad face: 😂