Friday 8 May 2015

Today we went to a private indoor playroom with Skylar and his friends in Tseun Wan.

The entrance fee was very cheap, only HKD49 for unlimited entries.

Julian did not really know how to sit and play on this:

He rather stand up and push it:

Crawling... and crawling...

He was looking at the block in the little boy's hand:

Oops... it's gone:

He wanted to touch the little boy's head:

A group photo all of the mummies and babies:

He was not really enjoying it, perhaps it's a new place to him and too many activities there.

We then went for tea at a nearby shopping mall:

At the beginning, Julian was sitting away from the boys (Skylar and the others), he was sitting near to the new friends who were twins.
J kept looking at the boys,
and I realised he might want to go over there and play with them,
as he seemed to show no interest at the twins at all.
So I took him over to the boys,
and he was happily playing toys and munching more snacks with them.

The boys:

Thursday 7 May 2015

Molar teeth appeared in the upper gum.
red swollen lower gum, with tiny tiny white teeth popping out.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

J loved yogurt:

Look at his messy hands:

J got very excited for some reason:

We went to the playroom at the Hong Kong Velodrome again,
and we saw one of our TKO mummy friends Mandy, and her daughter, Evelyn:

~ J and Evelyn loved the car ~

Oh no... Evelyn would like to play by herself,
and J got pushed away:

In the past few days J was not able to finish his usual amount of lunch and dinner. He would loose patience very easily and whine.

But today he was able to finish all of his food for all the 3 meals.