Saturday 9 September 2017

J went to his friend's, F, birthday party. We made a card for him.

I drew a (rather funny looking!) birthday cake with 3 candles on a piece of paper and asked J to copy on his own piece of paper.

I also wrote the words "Happy Birthday" on the paper, then gave him a bunch of alphabet stickers and ask him to find the letters and stick them on the card. He had fun looking for the letters and choosing the colours. I love the way he carefully looked at my hand writing of Happy Birthday and look for the letters and stick them very neatly next to each other.

Last of all, instead of asking J to write his name (which I usually ask him to write the letter "J") I asked him to choose a picture of himself and use that as the "signature".

I like this kind of work where I provided guidance on the side but let him draw / stick by himself.

J had SO MUCH FUN playing with his friend. They were running, talking, laughing together ALL THE TIME. They do not often see each other but it was amazing to see how much they love to play with each other.

Friday 8 September 2017

J was still crying today.

He told me about his school:
* He cried looking for mummy and the teacher said it was not time for mummy to pick up yet. Mummy will come at 11am.
* The teacher was next to the phone with J when he was crying for me, and the teacher said "Call mama?", J said in Chinese "9183xxxx" (my phone number)
* He did not have the tomato pasta provided by the school at snack time, the teacher said "食少少" and fed him. But he spat out the food.

Towards the end of dinner time J said "Thank you mummy for staying with me, because I love you very much"
Before we switch off the light to go to sleep, J said "I really miss you when I am in school"

Thursday 7 September 2017

J was crying when we queued up for the school. I told him the teddy bear on his name tag is mummy, it is going to be with him staying in the class, singing, listening to stories, and playing with his classmates. If he ever misses mummy he can take a look at the bear. I took him into the classroom and the teacher had to pull him away from me because he did not let me go.

Again again again, I took a deep breathe and went home.

I picked him up from school and I was very happy to see him talking about all the stuff he did at school:
* He did not have the sweet potatoes provided by the school
* He did not drink water
* He went to the toilet once and used the dry towel to dry his hands with the help of the teacher
* He sang "Hello" song it went something like "Hello, hello, I want to know what you up to"
* He also said "Goodbye Miss Wong, goodbye class, see you tomorrow"
* He had to put some glue on a blue envelope

Later on this evening he said "I looked at the teddy bear on my badge many times today because I really really really really really really love you"

I hear more Chinese vocabs from J after just 3 days of school:
J wanted me to open the plastic package of the straw for his milk carton, he said "幫我開"
After he completed an activity on one of my magnetic boards he clapped his hands and said "好叻".

Wednesday 6 September 2017

J started crying when we queued up for the door to open in the school. He said he did not want to go to school. He went into the lobby by himself. I saw him crying a lot and his red was all red. A teacher was stopping him from rushing out to the door.

Again I took a deep breathe and went home.

Picked up J today and he was singing "快啲快啲出嚟, 快啲快啲出嚟"

We went to the playground today:

Tuesday 5 September 2017

1st day of school where J had to stay in the school by himself without accompanied by me.

He was calm and normal when we queued up in front of the school waiting for the school to open the door. I told him he would have fun with the teachers and his classmates, and I gave him big hugs. My heart was pounding as I did not know how he would react. He walked into the school by himself. But then once he was inside the lobby he suddenly realised I was not there and he started crying. I secretely peeked and saw a teacher picked him up.

I took a deep breathe and I trusted the teacher and I went home.

I briefly cleaned the house and was able to sit down in front of the computer for a good 10 minutes before heading out to pick up J again.

We had to queue up outside his classroom and pick up the kids one by one.

I took these pictures while waiting:

He looked fine when I picked him up.

Me: How was your day?
J: I cried, because I miss you too much.

He told me he did not have the cake provided by the school at snack time because he was too upset.

Later on in the MTR on the way back home he suddenly said "Mummy I love you".

We went out to the bank and post office in the afternoon and he was singing in Chinese 大波波細波波 with his fingers making big and small circles, he told me he learnt it from the school.

He did not eat well during lunch time. I made him chicken wings in the evening:

During bath time he was trying to lure me to go to school with him.
He said "The song 大波波細波波 is very nice, I hope you can come to school with me then you can listen to it. I am sure you would love it."