Saturday 10 January 2015

Baby J loved to hold on to the fence and stand for very long time now.

This evening, he cried for several times after I put him in bed to sleep. But when me and Mr. B went to sleep with him later on this evening he slept right through the night. He cried a bit but he could settled quickly all by himself. It was the very 1st night for the past few months when I did not need to hug him to sleep.

Friday 9 January 2015

Loved his smile:

We went to our usual swimming pool at the SCAA at Causeway Bay to go swimming today.

Selfies taken on the way to swimming pool:

Baby J behaved so much better today at this pool, he was enjoying it very much. I think it was because he\'s familiar with the place, and there was very few people in the pool. He was more comfortable.

Baby J loved this yellow stool. Mr. B bought it for us to sit in the bathroom while we bathe J.
Everytime when J was in the bathroom he would go and touch (lick) this stool.
Today I placed the stool in his little play area for him to play:

Holding onto the fence and slowing walking towards me:

Baby J was sleeping very well tonight. Only woke up once. Probably exhausted from swimming training.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

The swimming pool that we always go at SACC in Causeway Bay is going to close for maintenance very soon, so I was exploring other swimming pools nearby. Checked on the internet and there is one in Lam Tin, so I took Baby J to there today.
We got off from the MTR station and according to the MTR map I should go out at the Exit D1. I used Google Map as well to help, but it did not look like I could get to the swimming pool from there. So instead I went out from another exit and walk for quite a while before getting to the pool.

I was exhausted.

The small changing room was packed with swimmers and kids, most probably because it was after school (4pm). I could see J was stunned to see the amount of people surrounding him in the changing room. After we got changed we went to the pool. Half of the small pool was reserved by training. We used the remaining half. But strangely I saw a group of kids with 2 adults who must be the teachers and they were doing training there in the remaining half pool. This caused a slight problem where we were constantly interrupted by these kids swimming in a quite small area.

I could see J was not enjoying it. Most probably because it was a new place to him, and we were constantly squashed by the kids doing training.

We swan for 30 minutes and we left.

The place was nice and clean. I think we could re-visit but at a earlier time so that we are not interrupted by the after school kids.

Selfies taken on the way to the swimming pools: