Wednesday 8 August 2018

I am so happy to be invited to host a Kids Corner in 852mama Fall Mama Market.

Event Highlights:
- FREE to the public
- Kid's Corner (to be hosted by me)
- Gallery space
- Convenient location at Central

Event Details:
- Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
- Time: 9am - 5pm (Open to the public 10am – 4pm)
- Location: Usagi, Shop G/F, Wah Shin House, 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

See here for more details.

I am brainstorming some fun activities already! Super excited!!

Monday 6 August 2018

We went to explore Ap Lei Chau.

We took the MTR and got off at Lei Tong station.
It's very convenient.

What did we do?
- had lunch at a local noodle shop
- played in the playground in Wind Tower Park
- jogging at the beautiful jogging track
- ran to the top of the Wind Tower (and ran back down)
- bought ourselves an ice lolly because we were too hot and tired
- rode on the sampan to Aberdeen (J was super excited)
- played in the playground in Aberdeen promenade
- took a stroll along the promenade. Love the sea breeze, love the view
- walked to Wong Chuk Hang MTR station (it was a long walk!)

今日同J去咗鴨脷洲。 做咗啲乜?
- 輝記車仔麵食 lunch
- 沿住海滂到風之塔公園玩遊樂場
- 跑步徑跑步
- 再跑上風之塔 (然後跑返落嚟)
- 頂唔順買咗支雪條食
- 搭街渡 (J "we we 嘩嘩" 好興奮睇漁船)
- 香港仔海濱公園玩遊樂場
- 沿住海濱公園睇風景
- 行去黃竹坑地鐵返屋企 (好彩有位坐吓)

J ate very well during lunch time:

We walked around the promenade:

Love the view:

We then came to the Wind Tower Park, there is a very small playground:

A performance area:

He loved these stairs:

So quiet:

We were running on this running track:

"Come one mummy"

Love the contrast between the sky and building and the trees:

We ran all the way up the Wind Tower:

Beautiful views up on the Wind Tower:

More running!!

Very hot, so we decided to have an ice lolly to cool us down.
J was looking for a shop to sell ice lolly.

After the ice lolly we took the Sampan to go to Aberdeen.
The fare is $2.2 for adults, and $1.2 for kids
You can pay by Octopus card.

The journey was only 5 minutes but J was very excited to see so many boats so close to us.

He kept talking on the boat:

Arrived at Aberdeen

Looking at Ap Lei Chau:

J spotted the Chinese word for car.
We were curious what's inside the house:

Found out it's for playing chess:

We then came to a small playground:

We started going home after playing in the playground.

We walked along Aberdeen promenade:

There was a very small exhibtion in one of the areas along the promenade,
we went inside and took a pic,
J looked like he is rowing a boat:

J behaved extremly well today. No whining at all. He finished his meals very well.

Sunday 5 August 2018

Beautiful weather today, we went to swimming in our clubhouse for 2 hours, and then we played a bit in the playground: