Saturday 12 December 2015

J in his new Batman sweater:

J was once again lining up his food in a line:

J saw me having noodles for dinner and he wanted some as well:

Mr. B's brother gave J a mini flashing light,
J was VERY obssessed with it,
he was bringing it everywhere to see the different effects of the light
in different places and against different materials:

Friday 11 December 2015

J loved to put all his food neatly in a line along the kitchen door:

Silly cute faces made me laugh so much:

His signature smile:

Feeding dinosaur his milk:

Monday 7 December 2015

J was reading the toy car catalogue:

We did some art work today:

We also did some Process Art.

I showed J to use the markers to scribble on a piece of tissue paper:

I then showed him how to squirt water using a plastic syringe onto the tissue paper,
he immediately wanted to try out too, and was having real fun squirting water:

Then we tested with Dot-a-Dot markers:

The end product was not very nice,
but the most important thing was, J enjoyed the process.

I still have a few of the Christmas decorations left from playgroup/homeschool,
I asked J to create his own again,
and I let him to apply the glue by himself this time: