Friday 12 September 2014

So after the swimming lesson yesterday Baby Julian slept from 6:30pm to 11:20pm without crying or whining
He woke up for milk, and quickly went back to sleep. He then woke up again at 3am for milk, but this time he was completely wide awake. He was smiling and talking to me and we spent some time cuddling and kissing, until 4am-ish he started to look sleepy so I fed him. He slept until 8am and after feeding him he slept for an hour and we woke up at 9am.

Chewing seat beat?!

Yummy teething biscuit:

What a mess:

Baby Julian's selfies:

Thursday 11 September 2014

It was our 2nd swimming lesson today.
We did out 1st under water today. Baby Julian was less scared than I expected. He did cried a bit but quickly calmed down. Again he was sleepy towards the end of the lesson, he slept as soon as we left the sport venue.

After we got home from swimming lesson I fed Baby Julian with rice porridge. I made double amount as originally I wanted to give him half as lunch and the remaining half as dinner. But he was sleeping happily and there was not enough time for me to feed him before we go to swimming lesson.
To my surprise he had almost all the rice porridge for dinner, without too much whining.
He must be hungry after all the exercise he did in the swimming pool.

About half an hour later he started whining for milk, I was like "what?"
I really couldn't believe it and hesitated to give him milk, as he has just finished the rice porridge. But he did want the milk, and was drinking happily. He was fast asleep a while later.

Wednesday 10 September 2014


Monday 8 September 2014

Baby Julian choosing what he would like to play (chew):

I gave him half piece of bread.
This was the 1st time he tried bread:

I was trying to give him some water after eating the bread:

He always wanted to grab the spoon by himself:

It's mid-Autumn Festival today, we went to the playground to see other children playing lantern:

Sunday 7 September 2014