Friday 13 July 2018

I was about to wake up when I heard my alarm, but Mr.B told me J was having a fever! So no, he could not go to school today!!

We went to school to pick up his costume and his homework.

We then went to have lunch and walked around the shopping mall (it was heavy raining this morning so cannot play outside).

Thursday 12 July 2018

I did not let J to go to school today because he had fever for the whole night last night. Around 38.5oC on average.

I really hope he would recover today so that he can go to school tomorrow as it would be his last day of school.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

J had a slight fever in the morning when we woke up so I did not send him to school.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

I really love this series of Chinese books #識安全有禮貌 by Sun Ya Publications. There are 4 books, ferry, bus, aeroplane, MTR. . What are they about? ●Basic information on the transportation e.g. how to look at the bus number on a bus stop ● How to stay safe when travelling on these transportations ● Ways to be a polite passenger . Why I love them? ● Hong Kong based. This is very important. The books use pictures (both real life and cartoon) of ferry, bus, MTR in Hong Kong, so J is more familar.  The money, rules, signs etc are all the ones you can see in Hong Kong. ● There are facts, activities (stickers, maze), and games to play with the family. A variety of ways to learn and play. ● Many life skills are being introduced e.g. paying the fares by Octopus cards or coins, how to read a safety floor plan, how to put on a life jacket etc. ● Staying safe and being polite are the 2 elements that I have been focusing on since J was a young toddler. . . . . . . #新雅文化 #新雅文化事業有限公司 #sunyapublications #好書推薦 #書唔怕多 #booksforchildren #dropeverythingandread #littlereader #raisingreaders #booksforkids #welovetoread #chinesebook #chinesebooksforkids #momswhoteach #hkmama #hkmum #852mama #hkkids #learnwithjulianng #兒童書 #兒童圖書 #圖書 #香港圖書 #閱讀 #香港媽媽

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Monday 9 July 2018

Due to the flu season in February and March the parents were not allowed to go inside the cassroom to celebrate birthday with the kids during those month. J was born in March. I was only allowed to have a picture together at the reception area. The school has decided to "compensate" and the parents can go to the school today for a mini "birthday party".

I arrived at the school at 9:30am and was brought to the the classroom by the teacher. J saw me and he was counting with his fingers. Later on I found out that he thought I said ALL the parents can come today to celebrate the birthday with him! hahahhaa....

The teacher changed his seat to the end of the table so that I can sit next to him. I saw his little face lit up.

They took turns to go to the front of the classroom and take pictures with the birthday cake and parents.

While the other kids were taking pictures, J said he would like to talk about what he does in the school. He told me when he comes back to school he would hand in his homework and starts peeling off the sticker on the his table with his best friend N (!!). I then found some crayon drawing on the side of the table and I said "wow kids drew on the table". He then said it was him and his old best friend Ton Ton who did this. They each had a crayon in their hand and they started scribbling, and then got told off by Teacher Wong.

After the pictures it was snack time. J did not eat the snack because I told him it was not healthy.

Then we had cake. J did not eat the cream because he said he does not like cream.

He put away the dishes and drank some water. He did these all by himself.

The "party / celebration" finished at 10am. J held my hand and walked me to the main door.

He behaved extrememly well. I love the part when he shared with me what he did in the class.

I have my eyes on these:

我們不會飛,所以需要腳 需要一雙鞋。

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Sunday 8 July 2018

Usually on Sunday J would like to stay home and watch TV and read books with me.
But today I was surprised to hear he said he wanted to go out to the Velodrome to get some fresh air and play with scooter.