Saturday 15 November 2014

Baby Julian did not want to have milk using sippy cup or milk bottle, he would bite the teat. I had to feed him milk using spoon, took me so long, and some milk spilt on his clothes, wasting my precious breast milk.

At night before he went to sleep, I tried to bottle feed Julian with breast milk and was not successful. Mr. B had a try and Baby Julian was able to finish the whole bottle of 2oz milk. I was so happy, and relieved. This means I would able to carry on pumping breast milk or even give him formula.

He was whining soooo much today. I did not know why. He would not sit and play by himself. He always wanted me to hold him. My arms were aching

Whining and crying:

Friday 14 November 2014

Baby Julian cried several times at night. He was able to go back to sleep when I held him (he was sleeping with us). I did not feed him until 6am this morning when I thought he would be hungry after all these hours of sleeping. He did not bite me and he was sleeping well after feeding.

This was the very 1st time that he slept through the night without the need of milk.

I did try to feed him again during daytime but he bit me again. So I pumped my milk instead.

I did not really think how long would my breast feeding journey last, I would do it as long as I could. However, I did not expect it would end in a tearful battle. It lasted for 8.5 months. I would still carry on breastfeeding but just in another way, I would pump milk and give formula if I don't have enough.

I took Baby Julian to the park today:

He was not happy, I guess he was sleepy:

Good thing was he still eat very well:

Started whining:

Baby J was shopping, he was choosing a shopping bag:

Wednesday 13 November 2014

I was bitten by Julian very badly this evening when I was feeding him. He bit me and pulled my nipple out. I was in so much pain and broke out in tears. This made Julian sacred and he cried. Mr. B came into the room and I asked him to look after Julian while I went out and calmed myself down.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

For the past few days, Baby Julian was whining soooooo much at night after I put him in bed. The worst time was between 9pm - 1am. He would cry hysterically without stopping. I did not know why until I found out this morning that his 5th tooth just popped out. I hope this was the reason why he was whining sooooooo much at night.

He got excited when I was playing with him:

Over the months:

He looked so tiny, hehe~

Sunday 9 November 2014

Baby Julian's new PJ from Carters:

Breakfast time at Burger King, he was enjoying his bread roll:

Lunch time, having mummy's homemade fish and pumpkin congee:

After bath time, I changed Baby J into another new PJ.

So cute~