Wednesday 13 June 2018

Less crying today. But still whined a lot because of the pain.

Back to my old self, cooking with one hand, like I used to when J was younger.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

A lot of crying and whining today, as expected. I am very exhausted.

J was crying and said "Two things are disturbing me. One is that I am very hungry, I have never been that hungry before, it rumbles a lot. Two is my mouth hurt a lot"

Poor J, he was very hungry in the evening.
He put a spoonful of soft rice in his mouth, chewed a bit, then cried so much because of the pain.
He then wiped his tears, took a rest, then ate again.
Then he felt so painful and cried again.

Each spoon was filled with tears.

Monday 11 June 2018

I took J to see the doctor because I worried that he has Hand and Mouth disease.
Doctor said he has caught it, she saw several ulcers scattered around his mouth and tongue.
He was prescribed with pain killer and vitamin, and another med for tummy pain just in case.

He cried a lot and for so long at night. He was in a lot of pain.

Sunday 10 June 2018