Friday 15 September 2017

Thursday 14 September 2017

We went to the playground in the afternoon and there was an older boy walking down the stairs and J wanted to go, and so he said to the boy "excuse me, not this way". I could not hear what the boy said, then J started to play with this boy. Later on J ran past me and said the boy speaks English and so they play with each other.

Love to see he is making new friend and having fun.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

J did not cry today, just a whining face.

He told me about his school.

1) He sang Goodbye song:
"Goodbye goodbye, the bell is ringing, ding dong ding dong, it's time to go home.
Goodbye teacher, goodbye children, see you tomorrow"

2) He bended his knees and put his hands on the waist and sang something which I dont understand. He said the teacher danced like this.

3) He cried when I picked him up from school. I asked him why, he said he likes school a lot!!
He said the school activities and the school kids were the things he like the best.
One of the teachers saw him crying and said "希希豬, 做咩喊?"

4) J said they played road puzzles today at school.
J: "妹妹 gave me some road puzzles"
Me: "did you say thank you?"
J: "No I did not say anything because I was too shy. When mummy is here my shy goes away"

5) Me: "which teacher do you like the best, 黃老師 or 李老師?"
J: "黃老師 is happy when she is talking to other kids, but when she talks to me she is angry"
Me (a bit worried): "why was she angry?"
J: "she said "sit down" because I stand up"
Me: "why were you standing up?"
J: "because she is standing up, so I need to stand up as well"
I then went on to explain to him that he needs to sit down for the lesson.
Me: "then do you like 李老師?"
J: "Yes because she is always happy"

Tuesday 12 September 2017

J had to do homework today, his very first homework:

At the end he also need to tell us how much he enjoyed the work, the more giraffes he coloured the more he enjoyed,
he coloured four giraffes:

Monday 11 September 2017

J cried less than last week.

He told me about his school.

1) J: "I had bread with dried rice today"
Me: "dried rice?"
J: "yes I had a bite and I did not like the dried rice and I spit it out. I get rid of all the others with my fingers and I ate the bread with a fork"
Me: "what is dried rice?"
J: "I saved some in my snack box to show you"

I opened the box and realised he had white sesame seeds bun!

2)J: "Mummy, do you know who is Miss Janice?"
Me: "Oh yes, she is your English teacher, right?"
J: "Yes I like her a lot, because she speaks English"

3) J: "Mummy, I love school"
Me: That's great"
J: "Well not really, because mummy is not here"

4) J told me he used blue stamps to stamp on a paper shirt. Boys used blue colour, girls used pink colour.

His fingers were all blue:

J made some purple "juice" for me because purple is my favourite colour.

Sunday 10 September 2017