Friday 17 August 2018

I took J to the fun event at City Plaza that I saw my friend Maggie and Skylar went a few days ago.

"The World of Little Book Monsters" has 4 interactive zones to explore.

Love his cute little headband:

J went to the training camp 1st, where he had to go through a series of activities including collect books of the same one in his basket, crawl under the spider web, and finally walk through the book maze to deliver some books.

He then went to the kitchen area where he had to prepare a healthy nutritious meal for the elderly. 
He had to lay out the dishes according to the picture provided.
He loved this kind of activity, he kept checking the picture and thinking where and how to lay out the food.

Next he went to play Detective game where he had to solve the book mystery with a group of kids. 
The instructions were slightly harder in this activity, and there was an older kid in the group who loved to be the 1st one of everything, so J did not get much chance to get involved.  Anyway...

Finally we came to the last activity where J had to design a character on a piece of paper for the story book. The drawing was then scanned and you can see the characters on the screen

We went on Friday afternoon. Not a lot of people. We only have to queue up for 5 to 10 mins for each activity.  The event is free of charge, no pre booking is required. Definitely a good place to go when the weather is unstable.

He ate very well at dinner time tonight.

Thursday 16 August 2018

We went out early to play in the playground before the football club.

I look at this happy face and I forget all my tiredness.

J was chatting with F all the time, they did not listen to the coach's instructions
so when the coach said "Go" they picked up the ball
and ran to the middle and stopped and I heard J said "Now what?"

Sunday 12 August 2018

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When you make things for your son to play since he was 16 months old, he expects you (and Mr. B) can make anything.

He requested me to make him a computer:

It was his idea to have a magnetic board so that he can put letters and numbers up as he "types" on the "keyboard".

I am very impressed with his idea.