Saturday 21 July 2018

How we got there:
I drove to Tsing Yi, park my car at the shopping mall, and got the shuttle bus to Ma Wan. 45 minutes drive.

P.S. J behaved extremely well today.

Friday 20 July 2018

We went to Coombe Road in Wan Chai Gap today to visit two playgrounds (Wan Chai Gap park and Coombe Road children's playground) and the Police Museum today.

The two playgrounds here are relatively smaller than the ones we visited before. But we don't mind at all. We waited at an unfamilar bus stop together. We read the bus signs together. We figured our ways to the playgrounds together. We explored together. We did everything together, and that's more important.

今日我同 J 山長水遠由將軍澳轉車再轉車到香港灣仔峽甘道兩個遊樂場玩。老實講,我哋去過好多又大又多嘢玩嘅遊樂場,呢兩個公園相對真係細同無咩嘢特别,但至在見識過有幾隱世。我哋一齊响陌生嘅巴士站等巴士。一齊認巴士站牌。一齊認路。一齊探險。



How we got there:
MTR to Central. Took Bus 15 from the Exchange Square to Coombe Road. Around 15 to 20 minutes.

Coombe Road children's playground:

We set up a tripod and took pictures together:

Wan Chai Gap park:

We took more pictures together:

I love these:

On the way walking up to the Police Museum:

The Police Museum is small but have a lot of interesting things to see, uniforms, bomb removal machine, fake money and tickets... and lots more. These are stuff more related to our everyday life so J understood more easily.

It was cloudy this morning and early afternoon, I had been worrying that it would rain,
luckily the clouds cleared away and it became very nice weather.

We sat down for a little snack time:

P.S. J behaved extremely well today.

Thursday 19 July 2018

J asked me to take videos of him playing football at the football club:

He was very interested in the huge snail:

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Morning fun.

This is a simple activity to practice addition and number words.

On a big piece of paper I wrote out some sums, but instead of writing "2+3=" I used number words "two + three =".
J had to recognise the words and use the Do a Dot marker to stamp the correct number, then add them together to find out the correct answer.

Simple and easy to set up.

Do a Dot markets purchased from Once Upon A Babe .

Practice scissors skill and number words.

I wrote out some numbers and their corresponding English / Chinese words on a piece of paper, and join them up with various straight lines.
We talked about each word before starting the activity. Then J had to follow the lines and cut them with a pair of scissors.
J loves cutting with scissors, and we are reinforcing on the number words, so I came up with this super easy activity for him to play.

Again, as with most of my other activities, this one can easily be adapted to learning other stuff e.g. sight words, numbers, alphabets....

Equipments: - paper - markers - scissors

I was invited by a lovely lady to her playgroup today.

I have prepared a few activities for the little ones to play, this was one of them:

🖍✂DIY colour puzzles for young toddlers . Let your little one to "decorate" (scribble 😁) on a paper plate, then you can cut it up with a pair of scissors. Done! You can then mix up the puzzle pieces for your little one to put them back. . Variations: 🖍I did primary colours here in the picture. You can use other colours, or more colours. 🖍 you can do patterns, shapes, or even sight words 🖍Number of pieces can increase for older kids . Equipments used: - Paper plates - @doadotart markers from @onceuponababehk . . . . . . #doadotart #doadotmarkers #rainydayactivities #preschooleractivities  #toddlerlearningactivity #playbasedlearning #learnthroughplay #learningthroughplay #playideas #funlearningathome #homeeducation #kidsactivities #learningactivities #handmadegames #afterschoolfun #afterschoolactivities #simplelearningactivities #simplegamesforkids #earlylearning #playandlearn #littlelearners #hkkids #hkmum #hkmama #852mama #香港媽媽 #從遊戲中學習 #幼兒教育

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J told me he loved the playgroup very much. I guess he liked it because he love to be my little helper, distributing activity sets to the kids, and telling them not to open / play with the door.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

today was J's 1st swimming lesson by himself.

He whined a bit before getting into the swimming pool.
I was very worried that he would not be able to have the lesson by himself.

But luckily he was willing to leave me and go to the swimming pool with the coach. The coach looked very patient. J looked very calm, and listened carefully and seemed like following the coach's instructions quite well.

As I watched him swimming with the coach i was so emotional.
For the last 4 years i have been going to the swimming lesson with him. He was only a little baby. He started when he was 6 months old. We learnt so much, and we went through so much, from crying and whining to happy smiles. From submerging into the water with teacher's help to going into the water by himself and swim for a bit. There were screaming and yelling and there were laughters. I was there all the time with him.

So today I was very emotional, more than when he 1st started school.

I anticipated all the sudden crying when he saw me after his lesson. I told myself to be prepared. But after the lesson I was so relieved to see his happy face. He told me he loved his teacher a lot and he had so much fun. He told me his new breathing technique he learnt today and he was showing me how to do it. No whining whatsoever for the rest of the afternoon.

I was so relieved.

J said he like his teacher a lot.

It was a beautiful day today:

We went to Victoria Park to play for a little bit:

I was so tired today:

I carried a backpack full of wet towels and swimsuit.
Walked all the way from SCAA to Victoria Park (carried J for some of the times because he was a bit tired after the lesson and under the hot sun)
Played with J in the various playgrounds
Went out the wrong exit of the Park and had to walk a long way to find the MTR station (carried J for quite a bit)
Went stright to cooking after got home
Bathed J
Finally I could sit down for dinner

Monday 16 July 2018

Parents' Day today.

The followings were the comments from J's class teacher:

活潑。語文能力高,好能夠表達自己,如果用中文未能講到佢想講嘅嘢,就會用英文講完,總知就係要表達到。有自信,好有好奇心,成日問點解。勇於發問。先思考後發問。上堂專心。logic 思維好強。老師話可能係我平時帶佢見好多嘢,從平時說話中知道佢認識嘅嘢好廣,。