Saturday 21 October 2017

We got 2 free tickets from J's friend S to watch a show called "Guess How Much I Love You".

I was actually very worried about J watching this show, because he does not like sudden loud noise and dark atmosphere, he cried so much when we watched the Disney show in Disneyland. Luckily his friend went there yesterday and his mum told me details about the show so I was less worried.

J seemed excited when we arrived at the theatre. When we were about to go inside to watch the show J was stopped by an English-speaking lady. She was chatting with J, she said she heard J talking a lot, very cute, and asked him which show he was going to watch, and if he had the book etc...

J enjoyed the show a lot. He was dancing and doing all the moves along with the performers, and was repeating the performers' words too. He understood the play and was laughing a lot. When the little bunny talked to the big bunny in his ear about how much she loves him, J did the same too, very sweet.

Friday 20 October 2017

J did not cry when he went to school in the morning. But J did not want to go into the school. Miss Janice, the english teacher, picked up J and they said goodbye to me and went inside the school

J told me about his school:

1) Teacher Wong said 立正

2) Teacher Lee told him 唔好搞

3) Teacher Lee used a spiky scissors to cut the edge of the heart to make it spiky, and J had to decorate the heart with stickers and colourful circles

He was playing by himself in the house and I heard him saying "我要去厠所黃老師", i thought he needed toilet but he said he was practicing

Thursday 19 October 2017

J told me about his school:

1) Little girl who he helped out on the cup before was crying a few days ago asking for Teacher Lee, but bother Teacher Lee and Wong were doing their own things, so J said to the girl "no need Teacher Lee"

2) J was crying and the little girl said to J "call mummy"

3) J said Teacher Wong asked the children 請你坐低

Some Chinese he said include:

1) 我做完食飯

2) 我都識唱歌,唱呀唱呀

3) 一個麵包同埋一個小朋友食呢個麵包

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Very well behaved boy today, except he cried again when he went to school.

J told me about his school:

I asked J did he go to the big boy classroom, he said "no, because I want to keep my 黃老師 happy"

Some Chinese he said include:

1) He and a younger boy were in the playground and they saw a worm, J said to the boy "唔好掂"

2) Part of the playground was closed because it was damaged, he said to the boy "壞咗,無玩"

3) J sang a song "手可以拍拍手, 手可以握握手, 手可以說再見"

I always try to do little surprises for J to play after school. I am preparing for my Stay and Play for the past few days so I thought of something quick and easy to set up.

I did this 5 minutes drawing which include a little adventure of J going through a tunnel, picking flowers for mummy, jumping on the numbered rocks, crossing the rainbow bridge, going through a little maze, and finally hop onto his favourite London Bus.

There, a quick set up to practice writing skills, numbers, words.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Very well behaved boy today, except he cried again when he went to school.

J told me about his school:

1) He went to toilet with 李老師, and the teacher told him he has to go to the toilet by himself, and wait for her in the toilet, because she needed to go to get a trolley. So J waited for teacher after using the toilet and did not run away.

2) His English teacher told them a story about a black kitten who lost his button, and then lost another button, and then another button (i think they are learning the letter B)

Some Chinese he said include:

1) He wanted to see something, he said "睇吓先"

2) He said in Mandarin "你好"

Monday 16 October 2017

J was still crying when he went to school.

J told me about his school:

He said when they were queuing up to go home one of the boys puked. 黃老師 gave a tissue to the boy, another teacher used a tissue to cover the puke

Some Chinese he said include:

1) he pointed to his towel and said "毛巾"

2) he pointed to some flowers and said "呢啲花花好靚"

3) "伍頌希好叻叻"

We did not go anywhere special today, the weather was unstable, and J wanted to stay in the house.
But I still asked him to go out with me to get some fresh air.

Sunday 15 October 2017

J suddenly loved jam.
He put jam on almost all the bread he had.

My parents sent J some stickers and he used them to make a picture:

I made this activity for J to learn addition.
1) some fishes swim to another pond
2) J has to pack up his toy cars back into the toy box
3) J has to put some candles onto the cake