Saturday 22 November 2014

Morning, Baby J.

He was playing on his play mat:

I brought him to Lohas Park to play with Farid today.

Our original plan was to go swimming but the swimming pool was closed for maintenance?!
So we went to the soft play area to play for a while.

Babies then got a bit agitated so we went outside to look at fishy and turtles at the pond,
and had a walk around to enjoy the nice and sunny weather.

Julian fell asleep:

Baby J cried a few times in the evening but was able to go back to sleep as soon as he was held.

Thursday 20 November 2014

It was the first evening (after a few months sleeping with us) that I put Baby J into his cot to sleep. He cried once before we went into the room to sleep. During the evening, he cried at 1am, 2am, and when he cried at 3am, I put him in our bed to sleep and he was able to sleep till 7:30am when he cried for milk.

After observing for several days, it seemed that Baby J would stay awake after his 7:30am milk, it usually take at least 30-45mins for him to fall back to sleep. Today, he only slept for 40mins before woke up at 9:10am.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

This evening was a very peaceful evening, Baby Julian was sleeping very well without any crying at all

Tuesday 18 November 2014

At night, he cried several times but stopped before we went into the room to pick him up, so that was very good.

Monday 17 November 2014

In the morning:


He was pulling the hanky with his teeth

Nap time, slept from 4pm to 6:50pm, that's almost 3 hours:

Play time:

He was doing it again at dinner time, pulling the hanky with his teeth

I was hoping so much that baby J could sleep like last night without crying, but sadly no, he cried two times before I went to sleep with him. But still, better than before. He cried less, and would fall back to sleep as soon as he was held.

Sunday 16 November 2014

At 1am this morning, Baby Julian cried for milk, me and Mr. B thawed 1 pack of my frozen breast milk (~3oz) for him to drink. He finished it within 2 minutes, and started moaning. We then decided to give him another 3oz of breast milk. Again, he finished within 2 minutes. I then patted him to sleep.

I was happy because he no longer had problem with drinking milk from a bottle.

He slept through the night, cried a bit at ~6am, and cried again at 7:45am. I woke up at 8am to warm some breast milk, and he ended up having total of 9oz of milk !!! He was so hungry that I have to unscrew the bottle and get him to drink the very last bit of the milk in the bottle!

Breakfast at KFC:

It was a very nice sunny day today, we went to the park today with Mr. B:

We then went inside the Velodrome to take a look, and found out that there were people playing badminton,
so I guess when there is no bike competition or practice, it is opened for public to play badminton:

Dinner time:

Baby J did not cry at all after we put him in bed this evening.

I was so amazed.

In the past, between 9pm - 1am (the period when neither me or Mr. B was in the bed sleeping with him) he would cry an average of 5 times, sometimes hysterically, sometimes he would stop as soon as he was held by one of us.

I would observe for 1-2 more nights. If he is able to sleep peacefully I would move him back to his own little bed to sleep.