Friday 22 January 2016


Two boys playing with cars: 🚙🚗🚙🚗

Thursday 21 January 2016

Always love to see his smiles:

Big hug his friend Scout the dog 🐶

J brought Scout to this magnetic activity board and showed him what were on the board: 😂

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Went to J's friend's house and played for a little while:

They were pretending to drink soup: 😂😂😂

After playing in the Toy Library,
we went to the outdoor playground:

J pushing M in this tiny buggy: 😂

J was looking at some workers hanging up the lightings for the upcoming Chinese New Year event:


Monday 18 January 2016

Reading club 📚:

J loved fire engine 🚒:

Reading my new homemade flashcards of the letter A:

Tooooooooo cute 😘: