Saturday 23 May 2015

I tidied up his play area.
J only took less than 10 minutes to create this:

Today we went to one of our English-speaking baby friends, Farid's 1 year old birthday party at the Lohas Park:

J was not really enjoying it.
He was like a koala for most of the time.
Perhaps there were too many people in an unfamiliar place.

I saw something very funny about J this afternoon at the party.

J was playing a toy car by himself. A boy of his same age took it from his hand and started playing it.
J then took it back from the boy, and looked at the boy and shook his head,
as if to say, "No, you don't take away peoples toy when they are playing!"

When the party was over it was 5pm already, I decided not to give J a nap or else he would stay up late at night.
We went home and I made J's dinner as quickly as possible. Fed him, bathed him, and sent him to bed.
He was fast asleep before 8:30pm
He cried twice at night but when I held him in my arm he quickly fell back to sleep again.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Silly boy: