Saturday 23 August 2014

We had our windows fixed with these protectors so that Baby Julian would not be able to climb out the windows:

Baby Julian chewing his lower gum while sleeping.
Poor baby, he must feel very uncomfortable:

Baby Julian loved to play with Scout the Dog:

Friday 22 August 2014

Baby Julian chewing his toy:

Thursday 21 August 2014

Baby Julian cried and woke up at 5am this morning. I fed him for 2 hours, his eyes were wide opened, he did not go to sleep. He started to bit me. I told him in a firm voice No, and went to change his nappy. I then tried to feed him again and got bitten so badly that I cried . I decided to leave him on his playing mat, while I drank a glass of water to calm down.

These were taken at 7:30am:


Baby Julian took a few selfies:

Baby Julian was in the kitchen with me watching me preparing dinner:

Wednesday 20 August 2014

I had to go to work this afternoon.
It was the second time I left Baby Julian to be looked after by our part time domestic helper.
The first time was last week when I did not go to work but I went to the coffee shop and supermarket for an hour, so that they can spend some time together. If the domestic helper need any help, I would be able to go back home immediately.
They were ok last week. Not too much crying. She was able to put him to sleep for a little while.

But today was another story. Baby Julian was already crying when I left the house. The domestic helper told me he was crying for a good 15-20 minutes. He then fell asleep and she tried to put him in his crib but he cried whenever he was put down, until the 4th time, he was then slept for a while. After a short nap he was crying very badly, so bad that the helper was going to call me! He calmed down for a short while but then began to cry again until he saw me back home.
I opened the door, he was in the helper's arms. He saw me, studied me for 2 seconds, then broke out in tears, crying badly... I went to hold him, he immediately stopped crying, and he studied me again, and held out his hand and started touching my face with that sad look in his eyes.

Poor Baby Julian...

Tuesday 19 August 2014

This was what Baby Julian always do now, "chewing" his lower gum, most likely due to cutting teeth:

Monday 18 August 2014

Julian's developmental milestones:

Today when Baby Julian took my finger into his mouth and bit, I suddenly felt something sharp hurting my finger. I quickly took my finger out and checked his gum, as expected, one of the two little white dots that I saw about two weeks ago had became a little white line, meaning the tooth is coming.

I had such bad times when breast feeding Julian recently, he bit me a lot. I noticed this happen when he was not sleepy nor tired. He bit me when he was wide awake and fidgeting. I would tell him in a firm voice "No, that hurts mummy!". But almost all the time he would grinned at me thinking I was playing with him. Once I shouted loudly at him saying it hurt me a lot. He then cried badly.

Mr. B found me this website: Breastfeeding Basics

Sunday 17 August 2014

We went to a "birthday" party today where all the babies were born on the same day, 1st March 2014.

Baby Julian was interacting with others:

Our "birthday" cake:

Our selfies:

Mr. B placed Baby Julian in the car:

Bouncy castle:


1st March baby:

Baby Julian got pretty upset when he couldn't have the cake: