Saturday 26 May 2018

I have always have my eyes on the online shop @snaapfashion . I love their good quality and easy to match styles. The recent set of pictures for the new collection taken by @hyvistongphotography was absolutely beautiful. Today it is my day off #mamaprisonbreak (yeah 🤗), I am so happy to have managed to come and visit their #popupshop at @hittheroadhk (tomorrow will be their last day)! I absoultely love the idea of hosting a popup store in a cafe so you can get to enjoy some food or a cup of coffee after shopping. 難得 #全職媽媽 有得放假一天 #mamaprisonbreak,知道不嬲有留意開嘅 @snaapfashion 有 popup store, 所以即刻到 @hittheroadhk 參觀一下,順道食個午餐。 慶幸响完結前一日仲可以嚟到! 一直好鐘意 Snaap 嘅衫,質料好亦好啱自己 style。網店上配襯嘅衫褲都好靚好易襯。 另外最近佢哋新影嘅一輯相影得好靚,好鐘意新風格(@hyvistongphotography)。 响 cafe 裡搞 popup store 呢個 idea 我好鐘意,買嘢試衫又可以食吓嘢或飲杯咖啡。 #happymindswithbusma #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #852onlineshop #852shop #hkpopup #hkpopupstore #popupstorehk #mamaprisonbreak #潮媽墟 #shoplocal

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J talked about an incidence where he got really upset when his friend said he was slow. But this time in more details.
He said one day he was doing puzzles in the school and his friend Wong Si Ching said he was slow.
He got upset.
When he finished the puzzles he asked Teacher Wong where should he put the puzzles back.
After he had tidied up, the teacher then asked him whether he wanted to play the Very Hungry Caterpillar game on another table.
He 1st said No, then he said Yes.

Friday 25 May 2018

Thursday 24 May 2018

At dinner time J told me Mr. Dennis (one of his English teacher) asked each of the students to come out in front of the class and talk about anything they want about animals. J said he told the class "I like moo moo cow because they give us healthy milk. I also like hen because they lay yummy eggs and make more chicken"