Thursday 25 February 2016

J was eating VERY well today. 👍👍👍

At breakfast:

At lunch time:

While I was preparing dinner:

J: "Eat, porridge"

Me: "You will have porridge for breakfast, but not now, you are going to have dinner very soon."

J: "big, big, porridge"

Me: "Yes yes, big one for Julian"

J smiled, looking very satisfying.

I then asked him: How do you eat porrige?"
He showed me:


Wednesday 24 February 2016

He was fascinated by the fact he could twist his fingers like this:

Smiling and smiling and smiling:

Getting ready to go to his friend's house:

Their selfies:

J loved this car park VERY much:

Wow... his friend has a digger:

He even has a helmet too:

J in a fire engine:

Reading together:

J was pretending to eat the food from the book: 😂

Feeding each other:

S was trying to squash J:😆

J's friend S:

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Monday 22 February 2016

J loved to help me putting the toilet rolls into the cupboard:

Reading club.

Listening to stories:

J's friends:

I let J to play for a very short while in the playground because it was raining,
when I asked him to go home he did not whine at all and went home with me. 👍