Saturday 27 December 2014

At midnight Baby J cried and it was time for him to take medicine. I held him and he was very very warm. Temperature was 103.9F. We decided to take him to A&E just to be on the safe side.

Doctor at the A&E said his throat was swelling and lots of mucus in his lungs. Antibiotics was given to J.

Back home, I made 4oz of formula milk for him but he threw up again after finishing the bottle. So he took another bath. I held him to sleep.

Throughout the night (morning) he cried several times and had to sleep on my chest.

In the afternoon the fever was gone. I did not feed J much as I did not want him to throw up anymore. He looked better, but constantly need some naps during the afternoon. He constantly needed to be held, I was not able to put him down.

Luckily Mr. B was here all the time to help out.

At bedtime, he was constantly crying so badly, we gave him milk and he took 3oz. His favourite music was turned on. I held him, I sang, I danced. Nothing worked. Mr. B came to help while I can take some rest.

J had to sleep on my chest again.

Friday 26 December 2014

On Thursday night after I put Baby J in bed, he slept for a straight 3 hours without crying. After passing midnight he cried, I went to hold him as usual, but he was very warm. We checked his temperature and he was 101F. We quickly gave him paracetamol which was given to us from his 6-month injection at the Health Centre.

We kept checking his temperature throughout the night and in the morning. He was better during the day. He ate well at lunch time.

But in the evening he looked tired. Temperature was rising. We took Baby J to see a doctor at a private clinic. The doctor said his throat was slightly red, but the lungs were clear. Perhaps he caught a cold.

Back home, I fed him fish congee, and within 10 minutes after finishing his congee he threw up all the food. He took a bath, and we made 5oz of formula milk for him to go to sleep. As soon as he finished the milk he threw up again.

He had another bath, and I put him to sleep.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

We invited the TKO mummies and babies to our house for a mini gathering:

Julian was whining today, he was not interacting with the other babies as much as he did yesterday, perhaps he was sleepy. I had to constantly give him biscuits to keep him calm.

Monday 22 December 2014

Just woke up, and was in the toilet doing potty training:

We went to the Hong Kong Velodrome park with our swimming friends Marie and Geoffrey.

This was Baby J's 1st Christmas gathering

I was joking and asked Baby J if he recognised Marie and Geoffrey, and said he might not recognised them with their clothes on .

We were enjoying the winter sun , interacting with each other, eating biscuits (and grass) , playing with toys

Baby J was munching biscuits all the way
He did not want to sit down and so I gave him biscuits.

Munching munching munching:


Munching another biscuit:

Munching munching munching:


With Geoffrey:

J wanted Geoffrey's Santa hat:

Geoffrey wanted to give J a hug :

J and Geoffrey picking up biscuits from the grass to eat:


J fell down and hit his head:



Woke up from his nap after the 2 hours fun outside: