Friday 27 March 2015

J was tired, I think from the medicines, I let him sleep whenever needed.
He was so much better today, in that he was not whining that much, and he was able to play by himself for a while.
But he still loved to be clingy to me like a koala.
He ate much better today. He was still on congee.

I clearly saw 2 teeth cutting through his lower gum today.

Poor Baby J.
Having a cold, and teething, at the same time.

Thursday 26 March 2015

I took J to see the doctor today.
J had a cold. He was coughing, he had running nose, and his throat was slightly red.

He was not as whining as he was before.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Last night, J kept whining and crying for the whole night.
I couldn't go to sleep.
It was an awful night.

Today, J woke up at 8:30am.
He ate some Ella's Kitchen porridge and few bits of the bread.

We went to nap at 10:45am, and slept till 12:15pm.

J finished the soft rice I made for him.
I have decreased the amount to 5 teaspoons of rice (I usually use 6 teaspoons of rice to make soft rice for J)

For dinner, I used the leftover rice from yesterday and made soft rice for J.
After a few spoons of rice eaten, he spat out the soft rice.
I tried a few more but he spat out.
Good thing was, he was not whining that much like yesterday.
But... he spat out the rice, which he rarely did.
Last time he spat out some pasta and sweetcorn because he could not swallow.
I gave up asking him to eat. It was pointless.

Mr. B asked me to make congee for him to try tomorrow.
I am going to make small amount.

J started coughing today.

This evening I checked his gum with my finger and kind of felt a tiny sharp thing, I really hope he was teething causing all these whining and unwilling to eat.
Or perhaps he was having a cold.

I loved him when he was like this, so cheeky:

Tuesday 24 March 2015

J was whining a lot today.

He started stirring at 6am so I made him milk, hoping he will not be hungry and would wake up at least 9am.
But J woke up at 8am.
Made oatmeal with banana for him as breakfast, but he only managed to eat 1/2 bowl and started whining.
He looked sleepy, so I packed up and finished my coffee, had my medicines, and went to bed with him.

Although he looked sleepy but it took me almost an hour to make him sleep.
We slept from 10am - 12pm.

We both woke up, I let J to play in his play mat while I made his lunch.
After a very short while J started whining wanting me to pick him up.
Since then he wouldn't let go of me. I was carrying him all the time, or he would whine and cry.

Fed him but only managed to have 1/2 bowl and started whining again.
After trying to feed him some more I gave up, he just kept whining.

I made my lunch, ate my lunch, and he was still clinging on me, like a koala.
He was very quiet lying on my chest, smelling and patting my breasts. Yawning.

After I had my lunch I decided to send him to bed, I guess he was sleeping, although he only been up for 2 hours.

Anyway, end up he really needed his nap.
Slept from 2:30pm - 4:30pm.

He woke up in good mood, but within a short while, he whined and cried very badly.

I only made 1/2 of his usual amount of soft rice because I knew he would not be in his usual appetite.
He only ate half of what I made for him tonight.
Then he was whining and whining and whining...

After his dinner, he was playing in his reading corner but only if I sat next to him.

I was so exhausted today.

J woke up with fluffy, messy hair:

Whining after lunch...

Koala J:

Crying very badly after playing by himself for a short while...

Monday 23 March 2015

J was whining a lot today at the playroom.
He was whining and crying whenever I let him on the floor, to try to encourage him to play with his swimming friends Marie, Geoffrey, and Amelia.

At Sai Wan Ho playroom:

J was kind of scared of Geoffrey's excitement:

J and Marie had very similar clothing on:

J and Geoffrey:

Marie surely was enjoying herself in this playroom which they come here to play very often:

We were trying to take a group picture with J, Marie, Geoffrey, and Amelia.
It's not hard to imagine how difficult would that be to ask the 1 year old to stand still for us to take a picture.
And this was what we got at the end, which was not bad at all, I think.