Friday 27 July 2018

We went to Cheung Chau today.
We rented a bike and rode to a quiet road #Q to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sound of sea waves, and the smell of fresh air.

On the ferry waiting to depart.
J was very exicted on the ferry, he was talking all the time:

We took the fast speed ferry which only took 30 minutes to get to Cheung Chau.

We walked around to find a little restaurant to have our lunch:

After lunch we had a little walk:


We took some pictures:

J was running to pose after he set the timer on the camera but he tripped over so I went over to check on him:

We then rented a bike and rode around the area:

We followed the road from the bike rental shop and found a nice road and we decided to explore from there:

The road is nice and smooth, great for beginners like me!

Beautiful view:

I rented this bike.
hkd200 deposit, hkd40 per hour for this "smoother, easier-to-ride" bike (as described by the lady at the rental shop).
I don't know how to ride a bike without the stabilisers, so I chose this slightly expensive one.
The "harder-to-ride" bike is hkd30 per hour.

J loved the bike.

Me exhasted from pushing the bike up the mini slope.
And super hot and stinky.
J extremely happy.

These are just the icons of this little island:

We quickly went to visit the beach before we leave:

I must visit this coffee shop next time, the coffee smell was really really nice:

I made the perfect choice of renting a bike to explore the place because otherwise it would be a long walk and the weather was very hot.
Sitting on the bike can travel longer and see more, while enjoying the lovely sea breeze.

J behaved extremely well today. He was a bit tired or maybe the weather was too hot so he did not have a lot of energy as he usually does. So I picked him up quite a lot of times. So as I said, renting the bike was an excellent idea.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Sunny day today.
We went to the swimming pool in the morning.
Lunch at a restaurant.
Then went to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping.
Went back home to take a little rest.
Head out to football club.

We played for a little while in the playground 1st.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

2nd swimming lesson by himself.

There was one more kid in the class today. So one went in the water to swim while the other waited at the side of the swimming pool, and then they took turns. While J was waiting at the side, he waved at me several times and he even stood up to wave at me once. So after the lesson I had to tell him it's ok to wave at me but do not lean forward or stand up because he might fall into the water.

He enjoyed his lesson a lot.

I loved watching him swimming. I love to see how focus he is when listeding to the teacher.