Saturday 29 August 2009

The 17 pieces of music that I learn last Saturday were not actually thoroughly learned because I have been travelling back and forth between the two universities and so I did not have time during the lunchtime to practice. I should have looked at the Club House to see whether they have free slot for me to practice but I didn't.

I have another 13 new pieces to learn until next Saturday!! As usual, I went straight to Club House to see if they have free time slot for me to practice before 4pm. I'd like to pracitce for two hours and i was going to a concert tonight which starts at 20:15pm. Well the Club House only had an hour slot from 12:30pm - 13:30pm and it was fully booked for the remaining day! Ok, one hour was better than nothing, so I took the time slot.

After the precious one-hour piano practice, I went back home and relaxed; browsed through foreigners photography websites while listening to French vocabulary. Had a little nap.

Spent a wonderful evening with hubby @ Jeff Chang concert. Great music, as expected. But his dancing and they way he was dressed really made us laugh!!




·20:15pm 張信哲演唱會;歌藝一流,但做型超奇怪很土很不適合張信哲。

Friday 28 August 2009

After working in Chinese University for the morning, I went back to HKUST with my colleague after lunch. My supervisor urged me to check my e-mail to find out that my boss has sent her a threa e-mail about one of the projects I am working on:

"Analysing abeta injected mice takes the highest priority for busma. We depend on the experiments before we can do the future ones. Please confirm she is working on it now, at least look at microglia...."

A pleasant feeling of my importance in the lab.

早上與同事 SL 小姐在中文大學工作。吃過午飯後返回科大繼續工作。一行入實驗室便被 supervisor 叫我 check e-mail,心知不妙。打開 e-mail 看到她 forward 了老闆的 e-mail 給我,老闆說 busma 現在最急切的是要處理 xxx project (下刪一百字...)!


然後 supervisor 便和我商討 project 的細節。呼~ 要有心理準備又要迎接我的工作。

Sunday 23 August 2009

· 早上打泰拳。



Beautiful Sunday.