Friday 29 January 2016

J still had running nose.



I let him do some colouring so that I did not need to carry him all day long:

I got this idea from the internet.

I placed a cotton ball onto a peg and just let J dab on the paint and onto the paper.

I totally love it.
It saved me washing the paint brushes.

His finishing piece:

We also did some hand paintings.
I let him try to use the tooth brush again but he still did not really liked it.

Thursday 28 January 2016

J was still cranky today, though not as much as yesterday.
I was able to tell him to stop whining.

He was sneezing heavily 10 thousands times with running nose.

He gained a bit of appetite, he was eating half bowl of pumpkin congee for lunch
and 2/3 of a bowl of sweet potato and lettuce congee for dinner.

Eating cherrio:

He had 2-3 bits of banana: 🍌

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Today was a very tough day for me and J.

J cried a lot at 1ish am.
He did not want to stay in the bedroom, he wanted to stay in the living room,
and he did not let me sit down.
He was very warm and his cheeks were red, so I gave him Carpol.

The living room was cold and I had to carry him for 2.5 hours until he fell asleep deeply.

At 6ish am he cried and his temperature seemed to have raised again.
Gave him a second dose of Calpol.

He fell back to sleep after stirring for quite a while.
But I couldn't go back to sleep.

He was very warm again in the afternoon after nap.
I took his temperature this time and it was around 38oC.

He was whining and crying and whining and crying and wanted to be picked up ALL the time! 😩

We went to see the doctor later that evening.

He couldn't sleep well at night.

I was knackered. 😲😲😲

Sunday 24 January 2016

J was busy choosing which pictures to colour: 🎨

Happy face:

Very concentrating on colouring:

Why wearing a hat before bedtime? 😂

Za Za's Baby Brother was his favourite book at the moment: