Friday 29 May 2015

Very excited when he knew he could go out:

Breakfast at McD:

Waiting for the MTR to go to Central to buy some new shoes,
as the old pair was getting small (the one he was wearing in the picture).

Stayed in Central to have an early dinner tonight.

It was a Spanish restaurant,
but me and Mr.B ordered traditional English food,
English breakfast for me, and Fish & Chips for Mr.B.
The food was yummy.
But J was whining when we started to have dinner,
he was very sleepy, he skipped his 4:30pm nap.

Thursday 28 May 2015

J found a towel and he knew it was for wiping his face:

Sharing a bun with me:

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Julian understood the words "Stand up" and responded to it:

It has been raining for many days.
It finally stopped today
and so I took J to visit his favourite playroom in the Hong Kong Velodrome.

He enjoyed it very much.
He was very excited.

Look at his feet:

He was trying to climb up the car.
For obvious reason I could not take pictures or video of his attempts,
although I really would love to document it.

He learnt that if he moved his legs it would help him to slide down:

Look at his happy face:

Towards the end of dinner J got bored and started whining.
I ran out of stuff to cheer him up,
and so I gave him my hair clip to play with.
He put it on his head,
and I said "Let mummy help you".

And I made a little new hair style for him.