Saturday 30 June 2018

J has been sleeping through the night by himself in his own bedroom for a few days. But he would wake up at around 6:30am!!

In the morning we went:
* swimming

In the afternoon we went to:
* Kwun Tong to pick up my clothes
* Causeway Bay to visit a Pop up shop

I asked J to take a nap from Kwun Tong to Causeway Bay.
It was a very hot day, I was sweating, he was sweating, even though we were in the MTR!
He is very heavy, and my arms and back hurt a lot!!

After swimming, we spent a few minutes at the playground, but the play structures were too hot to touch:

It was Myaleshia 1st Pop up store today at Hit the Road , I brought J here to give them a little support.

We 1st ordered a drink to cool us down :

Here it is:

He had a try:

And he loved it:

Friday 29 June 2018

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Today was J's school 25 years anniversay celebration and there was an Open Day in the afternoon for the kids and parents to visit and play.

J was so excited to see all the decorations and he said it was the most happy day ever because I can go into the school with him.

He made this monster:

Absolutely LOVE this idea , making a poster with all the kids and teachers faces.


J selling chestnut:

It was very hot today, we went to swimming after the school visit:

Monday 25 June 2018

J told me about his dream.
He said me and him went to the repair centre for daddy's blue car.
The shopkeeper asked me
I said

I was amazed there would be Chinese in his dream.

Sunday 24 June 2018

J knew the password for Mr. B's mobile phone.

Mr. B talked about password with him yesterday.
He told J that the password is to protect our phone so that when the bad guy steal it he or she would not be able to use it.
But we have to enter our password in secret so that no other people would see it.
Just like J saw him entering the password so J knew what to press to turn on the phone.

At breakfast today, J said to Mr. B "If we use our face as the password to turn on the phone, then we don't need to worry about getting stolen by bad guy"

AKA, face detection

I am impressed.