Saturday 30 September 2017

Friday 29 September 2017

J cried in the morning when he went to school.

J told me about his school.

1) J said Teacher Lee put away 妹妹's cup into her school bag, but he saw there was still some water in her cup, so he took it out and showed it to Teacher Lee, and Teacher Lee said to 妹妹 in Chinese "please finish your water". J said 妹妹 sat next to him on his left.

2) J did marble painting today. He said Teacher Lee gave him a box with no lid. There was a piece of paper with his Chinese name on it. He was given a pot of paint and he had to scoop the marble out with a spoon and put it on the box and shake it.

3) The nice Teacher Wong hand out a flag to each of the children, J did not want to take one, so Teacher Wong took his flag and sang the song and waved the flag next to him.

Each child in the K1 class receive a red egg as a present:

ove his singing:

Thursday 28 September 2017

J did not cry today when he went to school in the morning, but he cried when I picked him up from school.

He sang me a song today "太陽公公出來了, xxxxxxx" He said he cannot remember the others.
Wow... he was singing mandarin song!

Wednesday 27 September 2017

J told me about his school.

1) He had slices of banana and 2 round shaped biscuits, he finished them all.

2) He did colouring today. There were 2 cars on the piece of paper, 1 new and 1 old. He coloured the new one with green, but he forgot which colour he used for the old car.

3) I asked him did he make any friends in the school. He said no. I asked him why, because I always see him confidently making friends in the playground. He said the kids were not allowed to talk in the class so it was difficult to make friends.

We did painting on ice this afternoon, a very simple after-school activity, which is also a great sensory play.
J loved the ice cold feeling. He also loved the effect of painting on the ice.

Silly expressions:

Burning off his energy!

Tuesday 26 September 2017

J told me about his school.

1) He had bread in snack time. He 1st used a fork, then a spoon, then he saw other kids used their hands so he used his hand too, and he ate all of them and did not left any to show me.

2) He sang a chinese song, it began with " 學校 xxxxxxx 笑呵呵", I could not figure out the middle part at all.

3) He said he would say some Chinese to test me "音樂", "課室"

4) One of his classmates cried a few days ago because she wanted her mum too. Today J stood up in the classroom (he could not tell me why) and the girl stood up too to ask him to sit down, then Teacher Lee asked the little girl to sit down.

I told him that I will be going to school with him on one of the days next week for the Mid Autumn Festival party, he put his thumb up and said "good" many times. He was very excited because I will be going to school with him.

i made another after-school surprise for J today, J's City version 2.0. This time with masking tape and paper boxes.

I told him that I have a surprise for him when I picked him up from school. When I opened the door and he saw the city and he said "好靚" (very pretty in Chinese). His eyes were on the city as he walked to the toilet to wash his hands and he said he was very excited about it. He was playing with it literally all the time today!

The way he appreciated the stuff I made for him each time is really warming and is the motivation for me to make more stuff for him to play (or learn).

I love this car park, I am actually very proud of it:

Construction site:

Monday 25 September 2017

We did not have anything special planned today.
Just some painting and went downstairs to the playground to play and enjoy some fresh (hot) air:

He played with a toddler in the playground.
When we had to leave he kindly asked the little boy "What is you name actually?"
The mummy told him the name and asked J his name.
J replied with confidence "Julian".
I am so proud of him.