Thursday 29 January 2015

Waiting for grandad and grandma to come:

Grandma was teaching Baby J to use the phone:

He was screaming with grandma:

He had finished dinner already, but in order to keep him on his highchair we fed him Ella's Kitchen snack:

Monday 26 January 2015

We went to explore another swimming pool today at Sai Wan Ho. It was much easier to find the place than the one in Lam Tin. We stayed from ~3:20pm to almost 4pm. There weren't as much people as there were in Lam Tin. Much quieter, less busy.

There were 2 swimming pools, one adult and one children with some slides and waterfalls. I love the place. But Baby J did not like it. He whined for the whole time, I guess he was not familiar with the place, and that he did not like the loud noise from the waterfalls.

I will definitely go there again with Baby J, but will try out the adult pool instead.