Saturday 29 November 2008

I received this gift voucher from Peninsula for having joined one of their certain wedding banquet packages.

I phoned Peninsula about 2-3 weeks ago to make an appointment. The lady there told me that this half-day treatment has a lunch included so she suggested me to arrive at the hotel at 11:00am, have lunch first, then I can use their spa facilities at about 1:00pm, and start the treatment at around 2pm.

And so, I arrived at 11:00am today. It has been a good few months since my wedding banquet and coming back to this hotel drew me back all the memories of my dream, princess-like wedding here.

Anyway, the Spa is at 7th floor. The reception area was not surprisingly quiet and comfortable. It was candle-lit. The receptionists were all very polite. I was asked to fill in this form about my health conditions. Soon I was guided to their changing room where I had to get changed into a robe and comfy slippers. I honestly LOVE Peninsula's slippers, they are so thick and comfy, I didn't want to take them off! The changing room was well-lit, with rows of lockers against two of the walls, and a huge dressing table against one of the walls. On the dressing table were ESPA skincare, cotton wipes, hair dryers, individually-wrapped brush, all lined up nice and tidy.

After I got changed I was then guided to the semi-indoor/outdoor Roman-style swimming pool. When I sat down I was absolutely amazed by the view in front of me. Let me just briefly described the surronding. The reason why I said it's a semi-indoor/oudoor because the pool and the dining tables were actually under a roof, but the dining tables were all facing this huge HUGE balcony/window. And through the balcony/window was the spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour. The weather today was absolutely beautiful, I could see the glittering reflection of the sun on the sea. Although I sat in front of this HUGE balcony/window, it was not cold at all. After ordering their featured cuisine "Naturally Peninsula light and healthy cuisine", I got myself a magazine and started to enjoy myself. The guests there were all foreigners, there were only about 3-4 of them, all chattering quietly. I had tuna salad as my starter, poached salmon as my main dish, and finished off with a strawberry compote.

I took my time and ate my lunch very slowly. The food was very nice by the way. No mobile phone calls, no computers, no internet, no traffic pollution. I was really enjoying myself.

After my lunch, which was about 1:00pm, I was guided once again by the receptionist to the Thermal Suite, an area for sauna and steam room. I was the only person during the whole time in the Thermal Suite. I first took a shower. It was real fun!! The shower was called "Life Style Shower", and it had three buttons, yes, buttons. The first button was the "Tropical Rain", which mimic rainfall from the rainforest, with scent of flower. The second button was "cold mist", which was a cold shower with scent of mint. The third button was "Body Jet", strong powerful warm/hot water spout. After playing with the shower, I then went into the "Crystal Steam Room". A very strong minty smell came straight at me, it was so strong that my eyes hurt. So I retreated, and went into the sanua. The sanua room was facing the sea view by the way. I didn't stay long in the sanua because I felt a bit stuffy. I went out and saw an "Ice Fountain". I suddenly realised I should get myself a little towel with some ice in it, and went into the stream room again. This time I felt much better, with the help of the iced towel on my face, I actually quite liked this stream room, the minty smell was really really nice. I stayed in the stream room for a while, and changed to the sanua, and back to the steam room.

At about 1:40pm, I had enough of the "Thermal Suite", so I took a shower (again) and went into the "Relaxion Room" to wait for my therapist. No one was there. There were about 7-8 comfy lay-down chair, all facing the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour! I got myself a magazine to read. After a while, my therapist came to pick me up. We went into the room when I would have my massage and facial done. It was a beautifully decorated room, with sea view. On the other side of the room was the toilet and shower area. The therapist first talked me through the range of products they provide, we then started the treatment with a back exfoliation, followed by a back and leg massage, facial, and finished off with a hair mask.

Overall I really really enjoyed it. The environment, the decoration, the people, the service... were splendid! But the body massage skill was not as good as my favourite therapist "Ming 姐" at MTM Spa.

I finished the whole thing at 4pm.


在 HMV 買了一直很想很想很想要的:


在 HMV 買 Spongebob 時行過 Jazz section,見到這張 CD,in French,well,我自己喜歡 French,又喜歡 Jazz,所以便買回家試聽。回家立即播,全碟都好好聽,melody 很舒服,這位女的聲音也很吸引,她不是那種唱爆杯的那種,她的聲線非常舒服優雅。再加上我對 French 有情意結,所以更加喜歡。

Wednesday 26 November 2008

和老公回復 normal。唉,我都不敢再問他叫他解譯昨天我不明白的數學問題。唯有自己上網 check 吧。

Tuesday 25 November 2008

和老公鬧得有點不愉快。他 assume 我曾明白一些很簡單的問題。我就是不明白。我是學過但已忘了。他怎可堅持 assume 我一定會懂??!!