Thursday 30 April 2015

Look at the cute face:

Playing by himself:

Sharing the bun with me:

J loved to pick up food from the table and eat,
and so for each meal I would prepare peas, or sweetcorn, carrots etc
for him to pick up by himself and eat:

I really love J when he put his finger(s) near his mouth,
it's just too cute:

Quietly studying flashcards:

I only switch on the fan today,
he was sweating a lot:

Why suddenly sucking his thumb?

Monday 27 April 2015

At first I thought he was quietly studying the flashcards:

But then I found out that he was putting the cards through the basketball net:

We went to the playroom in Hong Kong Velodrome with the English-speaking mummy friends:

J was gaining more confidence in climbing up the staircase:

J wanted more snack:

Cuteness overload: