Saturday 2 June 2018

thank you so much Tickikids Hong Kong for the wonderful giveaway of the #tabbymctat tickets.

J was singing the songs and was super excited to do the dancing. He loved the fun interactions with the performers. We read the story before and he was so happy to see the familiar story lines on stage. It helped to reinforce the whole story in another way.

It was absolutely a great show for the kids AND the grown ups too, so many laughters from us. I love the beautiful backstage, the light effects, the wonderful music, and the cheerful characters of the performers.

We look forward to watch more shows in the coming future with ABA production and Kidfest Hong Kong

Shop small and make a real person smile. J's shirt: Rock Shop

Playing word search with the booklet provided by the production house.

Ice cream as dessert.

Friday 1 June 2018

After helping J to finish his bath I was busy working in the kitchen prepping dinner.
I peeked my head out to the living room and found J was quietly reading a book.

The floor....

Thursday 31 May 2018

J has a day off from school today.
We woke up at 8am (I was lucky that he slept till 8am).
Played with my handmade domino game together after breakfast.
Then J watched TV while I cleaned the house.
I made lunch and we had lunch at home.
Swimming in our Clubhouse
Football club
Made dinner and had dinner together
Me extremely tired at the end of the day!

What a coincidence that J is learning about community helpers at school and I just made a new set of domino game on the same topic!

We spent half of the morning playing with my new game. We talked about each job as we played, what do they do, where do they work etc. Then we went over the book from school together.

This set of domino is available from my Facebook shop Happy Minds with Busma

Learning can be fun.


Very sunny today:

Fun football club:

Wednesday 30 May 2018

We were at Trio Beach today:

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Went to school in the morning full of energy:

He loves swimming lesson:

Monday 28 May 2018

J was angry because there was a bigger boy who did not let him play on the slide.

Sunday 27 May 2018

J and A used to be really good friends when they were in my Reading Club, they got along very well. Since A's mum gave birth and she went to pre-nursery we did not meet up anymore.
So I was really suprised they still get along so well today.

Holding hands:

I never let him eat crisps but today is special, I let him eat them, but he still did not eat chocolate cake:


Pretending to sleep:

I was really impressed with J today.
He was playing with A almost all the time in the party.
He held her hand and they decided to go and explore the other side of the party room.
I secretly followed behind them, and I heard J said to A "let me tell my mummy that we are going there", then he turned round and saw me and said "mummy is it ok if we go and explore there?"

I was really impressed because he would tell me before leaving the room.