Tuesday 1 March 2016

🎉🎉🎉The birthday boy: 🎉🎉🎉

J's birthday presents 🎁

The Wheels on the Bus book was from Mr. B's colleague / friend,
the Duplo was from Mr. B:

He loved the book:

Helping daddy to build his Duplo:


J's birthday cake: 🎂

Yummy: 😋

Monday 29 February 2016

J ❤ this pasta:

Playing with the milk carton:

Reading club. 📚

Listening to stories:

Number counting activity -
Using stickers as eggs to place in the nest:

Colouring activity on the number 2:

Snack time:

J's friends, H and D:

J insisted to help me to carry the shopping bag which had many fruits including 🍌🍓etc...

It was very heavy that he had to constantly stop to rest: 😆

Sunday 28 February 2016

Playing with one of the rattles that he used to play when he was still a little baby:

J placed two magnets out,
he pointed to the left magnet and said "Mummy six",
and the right smaller magnet and said "Julian six" 😊