Friday 3 April 2015

J whined and cried for sooooo many times last night.
I put him in bed and he was sleeping at 9:15pm.
He cried once at 10:30pm, and once at 11:15pm, and was not deeply sleeping since then. He was clinging to me, and whined whenever I tried to move away.
I was able to leave the bed at 11:45pm, but then within several minutes he cried again, and would not stop since then.
Mr. B came into the room at 1:15am to take over, so that I can brush my teeth etc.
The crying went on and on...
I made 7oz of milk for him to comfort him.
After milk it took me some time to make him sleep.
He slept for a while and cried, for the whole night.

So exhausted.

His 7th tooth just cut through the gum.
His 8th is about to cut through.

This evening he was crying too, for many times, but not as bad as last night (the night between 2-3 April)

Monday 1 April 2015

Chubby legs:

We went to Lohas Park for a gathering with my English-speaking mummy friends:

J drinking his favourite:

Snack time:

Sharing snack with his buddy Farid:

J and Farid sitting quietly munching, munching, and munching...

Group picture:

Monday 30 March 2015

J slept through the night (29th) without crying

J loved to do this recently, especially after drinking water:

J has not been drinking as much water as he used to:

Cute faces:

On the way to Lohas Park:

We met up with some of my English-speaking mummy friends to discuss our playgroup stuff.

I was very surprised to see J went to play by himself for quite a while:

Bye bye J.
He was crawling for quite a distance, I wonder what attracted his attention:

Hayden offered J his snack:

Taking Farid's dummy away:

J cried because no snack:

He's happy now:

Trying to take a group picture:

This one is not bad:



Julian Greene, Farid, and Olivia:

J was whining after he played by himself and finished munching many snack.
I think he was tired and needed a nap.

Sunday 29 March 2015

J slept through the night (28th) without crying