Saturday 5 May 2018

Cloudy day with breeze, great for outdoor.
We went to some nearby playgrounds:

but J did not like the playgrounds today because too many kids.

Some yummy juicy oranges to refresh!

Friday 4 May 2018

Rubbish from the school birthday party!
I really don't understand why parents let kids eat these.

Current situation in the house at 6:30pm!

Recent way of J eating his veggies: (instead of all cut up into small pieces)

Thursday 3 May 2018

I made turkey bun for J's lunch today, along with some veggies and a boiled egg.
He said the turkey bun is his favourite, and he finished everything.

He took pictures of his food. He said he can show grandparents what he had.

I really love to watch J having so much fun at football club while doing all these activities!

Wednesday 2 May 2018

J got out a bag of pom pom and sort them out into different sizes and colours.
What a nice quiet time activity.

It's a beautiful hot afternoon so we went to swimming:

So happy after swimming, eating fresh fruits:

Tuesday 1 May 2018

J was selected to represent Harry Wright International to do a swimming demonstration for the South China Athletic Assoication Open Day.

I was so proud of him today, not because he could swim, but because I can see the confidence in his eyes, and the happy smile on his face.
We started swimming with HWI since J was 6 months old.
At the beginning he was not always super happy in the water. He would sometimes whined or cried.
When he got older he was not very confidence when doing certain activities.
But in the recent months he progressed a lot, and he was always super excited and looked forward to the class.

The teachers in HWI are great! They are all very patient and experienced in teaching children. J was not very confident in the water but they were very tactful in engaging him so that he is not afraid of water. The instructors teach new skills step by step and gained the trust from him, they are able to motivate him to try new skills even though he hesitated at first. They also explain to the parents in details why we were practicing certain movements, and how to guide our children in the water to improve their swimming. I learned a lot too. Me and J enjoyed every swimming lesson. The teachers used a variety of tools to teach swimming including singing, catching toys, floating on "noodles" and mats, which are great fun for the little ones. It is also a great way for some parent-child bonding time.

I was very happy for his performace today.

We then went to check out the other sports in the SCAA.
We tried volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and badminton.

This was such a great opportunty for the kids to try out different sports.
The demonstrators were all very kind and patient to the kids.
I was so happy to see J enjoyed very much.
He paid attention to all the instructions, and I can see he was trying his best to play.

He loved volleyball.
I think badminton is the most difficult because he could not hold the racket properly.

After a quick lunch / tea we went to Times Square to check out the Pikachu exhibition.


Monday 30 April 2018

J did not need to go to school tomorrow because it's Labour Day.
He asked me if he has any homework to do.
I said "Yes, but you don't have to do it now because it's holiday tomorrow and you don't need to go to school"
He said "I want to do it now so that I can play for the whole day"

Me thinking "wise choice son!"

I watched J to play with friends after school for an hour
Went home made lunch
Sat down for 15mins to have lunch
Prepped dinner for 1 hour
Went out to Post Office
Played with J, running around chasing frisbee
Went home helped J take a bath
Made dinner
Sat down for 20mins to have dinner
Washed dishes for 20mins

By the time I lie down on the bed with J at 7.45pm I was so dead tired!

Sunday 29 April 2018

every so often I would design and draw these worksheets and just leave them on his table, he would spend some #quiettime on them. . Few days ago I made this one on Spring theme, because he is doing Spring in his school. . Maze is almost a must have item in all worksheet I made for him because he loves mazes. So I said in Spring little seeds grow into flowers. . Next I asked J to draw flower petals according to the Chinese number written at the bottom of each plant. . Then he had to link up all the numbers and dots and English number words together. . Then finally practiced drawing lines to match up the drawing to the vocabs. . #happymindswithbusma #sharpie #rainydayactivities #preschooleractivities  #funlearningathome #homeeducation #kidsactivities #learningactivities #handmadegames #afterschoolfun #afterschoolactivities #simplelearningactivities #simplegamesforkids #earlylearning #kidsfun #littlelearners #learnwithjulianng #worksheetsforkids #hkkids #hkmum #mylittlesteps #mydayswithkids #852mama # #hongkongmama

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