Friday 4 December 2015

J loved croissant:

At the MTR station:

We went to a toy car exhibtion today with J's friends.

J looking at the toy car display:

Taking picture with Panda:

He was saying Hello to strangers:

J was totally amazed by the display:

At the play area,
all the boys were so concentrated:

You can go to the back to choose your own cars to play with:

He was very happy with all the cars:

Group pics of the boys:

He wanted to touch the different textures of the Christmas decorations:

We then went to the outdoor playground:

Thursday 3 December 2015

J was being very very very good this morning,
he played with his cars for quite a long time,
then he went to the magnetic board and read aloud the alphabets
While I was cleaning the floor he kept making funny faces and made me laugh soooooo much.

Generally eating quite well, but refused to eat the last few spoonfuls of rice:

He turned his head away refusing to eat:

Silly boy:

Monday 30 November 2015

J was eating much better today as he recovered from gastroenteritis during the weekend:

I said "smile", and that's how he smiled:

Funny faces of J:

Monday reading club:

I found a simple Christmas art & craft activity for the kids to do:

J was the only kid who can manage to stick some of the flowers and stars by himself.
Perhaps because me and Bond did similar activities with him at home.