Saturday 6 September 2014

After the injections yesterday, Baby Julian was warmer than usual, but it was not a fever yet. He whined a bit at night, and did not sleep too well. He cried every hour from 9pm - 3am, wanting to have milk each time. He then cried every two hours from 3am onwards. But apart from that he was okay, much better than when he was younger.

Baby Julian woke up at 7am today.
He was wide awake, I was extremely sleepy

Having Baby food , super messy:

Friday 5 September 2014

Julian's developmental milestones:

Baby Julian went to the Health Centre to have his routine injections today.
He weighed 8.11kg
The nurse checked whether he can sit and stand properly. The nurse he had strong legs .
He was also checked to see if he can hold a toy with his hands.

He was also checked by a doctor because I was worried he has lazy eye on his left eye. Luckily it was only a temporary thing, part of the white bit of his eye was covered by the skin near the nose bridge. The doctor said as he grow older it would be okay.

On the way to Health Centre:

Thursday 4 September 2014

We went to our first swimming lesson today.
Organised by Harry Wright International Swimming School
Venue: South China Athletic Assoication
Time: 3-4pm

We arrived at the venue at 2:45pm-ish. We met an English-speaking lady with her child Issac at the changing room, and later on, a Chinese-speaking lady with her child Marie. After we got changed we went to the indoor swimming pool together and met the teacher Karen. The remaining parents were soon arrived.

As our first lesson, we paddled, we swayed, we jumped, and we played.

Baby Julian was very quiet, he was not very excited, nor very upset. Whereas some babies cried and cried, some played and paddled happily, Baby Julian remained quiet. He whined a bit though, but quickly settled down when I played jumping with him.

He soon got sleepy and fell asleep on my chest once towards the end of the lesson

When the lesson finished I carried him back to the changing room and placed him on the bench while I changed his clothing. He was very very quiet and still, chewing his lower lip, and I knew, he was going to sleep.

While I was busy changing his nappy and putting his pants on, he had already fallen asleep

Me and the two other ladies chatted on the way out.
It was very nice to meet them.

We were happy.
Look forward to our second lesson next week .

Monday 1 September 2014

Baby Julian chewing teething biscuit.

This brand, Bellamy's, was quite hard in texture.
Baby Julian could only chew and lick it, but couldn't bit a piece off to eat, he soon lost interest in it.

Baby Julian's oneies came from the "birthday" party we had with the "1314" babies (babies born on the same day,
1st March 2014) on 17 August 2014

Baby Julian with Mr. Teddy:

I was washing some lettuce for dinner, I gave a piece to Baby Julian:

I gave Baby Julian some banana to try:


Hurry up and give me the tasty banana:

Yum yum:

It's 1st September, Baby Julian = 6 months old:

Sunday 31 August 2014