Materials for handmade stuff:

14 May 2010:

To make necklaces:

From Trendy Supplier @

From AliHK @

From snapcrafty @

13 May 2010:

To make necklaces:

From Happy Supplies @

4 May 2010:

To make necklaces:

From Cotton Candy Handmades @

From DIY prject @

2 May 2010:

Laces for making bracelets:

From Mary, not Martha @

1 May 2010:

From Unique Shiny @

I'd like to make a scarf similar to these:

Maybe I can use these:




Oh, must remember to sew a label with my name as a brand to make it special.

I would actually love to make a bag for myself. I think I will start off making a mini bag. Once I am ok with the small size, I will go for a big one.

This is a waterproof material:

You can use this material to add support to the bag:

Clutches like these would be great

I LOVE these fabrics stamps:

which you only need to cut out the item you want and iron it on your fibrics / cloth / bags / just like this:

24 April 2010:

From Jenny Loves Benny

Adorable teddies.

These are the ones I like,
each of them was made by Jenny and have a name, but were all adopted by people already.
Some of them have a kit which you can purchase and make the teddy by yourself.

This is called "Harumi":



"Adele's" children: