These are the pictures that I took for my final homework / project for the photography lesson that I took on January - March 2010.

There was no specific topic.
As I am quite experienced in taking pictures of young children and snapshots of daily life,
I did not want to bore myself with those topics.
I therefore gave myself a "challenge",
and chose a topic that I rarely touched on: self-protraits.

All pictures taken by myself using Canon 5D with 16-35mm lens

13 March 2010:

I took some additional pictures on 26 March 2010 to add on to my project / homework:

26 March 2010:

Re-took some more pictures because Toby, our photography class teacher, said that my pictures were a bit "deformed"
because I have used the wrong lens to take portraits.
The followings were taken using a new lens 24-70mm:

4 April 2010: