Pictures that I took with my Polaroid SX70.

This is to illustrate which exposure level I used to take the pictures:

25 December 2009:

Exposed film, indoor:

Exposed film, outdoor:

ok, so... maybe I should use a new pack of films:

I like this one better:

I like all the following ones:

24 December 2009:

Indoor, afternoon:

20 December 2009:

Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong:

Mong Kok, Hong Kong:

5 December 2009:

A street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong:

22 November 2009:

I tried again to take pictures indoor in the evening:

Well, maybe I shouldn't waste more films under this lighting.

9 November 2009:

This was taken indoor in the evening:

So, I guess this is what you get under this lighting.

8 November 2009:

This is the best of the best so far, with the correct exposure time and focus:

Testing different exposure time:

Tried a close up shot, with correct exposure time.
Not bad, I think:

Correct exposure time but not very focus:

(indoor, day time)

7 November 2009:

My very first pack of 600 films (obviously I did not know how to focus):

(indoor, evening)

3 November 2009:

I took her home today:

Polaroid SX-70 Original
- Ͳ: October 15, 1975
- Serial Number: 0K500840743

(Note: Pictures taken using Richo GR II)