Thursday 16 September 2010  

destinations: Notre Dame

(All pictures were taken using my Canon 5D unless stated otherwise)


As mentioned yesterday, there was problem with the new Polaroid films that I bought recently.  I had to use the very last pack of the known-to-work films, very carefully, and there was no room for mistakes as I did not have much left.  

I went to Eiffel Tower (I know, again!!!) to take a Polaroid picture because the ones I took the day before were from the faulty pack.  I wanted to take one picture from the Trocadero view.  The outcome of the picture did not look too good, so I was thinking to try again towards the end of the trip if I still have films left.  So annoying.  If I have more than enough films then I can experiment straight away and did not have to think so much.  

I had to tell myself not to think too much on the negative side.  I should be glad because I had my Canon 5D and Diana Mini with me, both of which would give me pictures that I like.

On my way to Eiffel Tower @ 9:40am

I like these window displays

So this is how the Parians move large furniture to their apartments:

It's always pretty amazing to see the Eiffel Tower right in front of me

Eiffel Tower @ 10:05am:

I went over to Trocadero to get another view of the Eiffel Tower:

Around Trocadero:


My next stop was to visit Notre Dame, again, using the L'Open Tour Bus. 
On the bus to Notre Dame:

@ 11:55am:
when I looked up the sky and I saw this piece of funny looking cloud,
I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture before the bus started to move again:

filming something?

Notre Dame @ 1:30pm:


Time was still early (~ 3:30pm) and the sun was still there and since it was the last day for the L'Open Tour Bus day pass, but my feet hurted so much from days of walking, so I decided to sit on the Bus purely just for sightseeing purpose.  I took "Bastille - Bercy" blue line which basically covered the East part of Paris.  There was nothing interesting that I must tell myself to stop over and take pictures.  But I enjoyed the ride, the weather was a bit chilly, but sunny.  There was not too much people on the bus so it was not crowded.  

I then changed Bus at the Notre Dame stop to the "Montparnasse - Saint-Germain" orange line as I had not been on this line before and it would take me back to Invalides which was near where I live.

Got home and made pasta for dinner.  There was one of the rules liviing in this Apartment and that was you can only wash your clothes using the washing machine at certain time, so since today I got home early, I used the washing machine for the first time.  It was easy to use, but yes, it did make loud noise towards the end of the washing, which got me a bit worried at first.

Green apple + kiwi fruit yourgurt, black coffee, and internet for the rest of the evening.