Friday 17 September 2010  

destination: Montmartre

(All pictures were taken using my Canon 5D unless stated otherwise)


My plan today was to go to Montmartre. As usual, I chose to go there by taking the l'Open Tour Bus. And not surprisingly, I went to the Eiffel Tower stop, and of course, I took pictures of the Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower @ 9:30am

I took the L'Open Tour Bus to Montmartre.  It stopped at the Moulin Rouge.  I chose to adapt the "scenic walk" as suggested in the Fodor's Paris Travel Book.  I googled all the streets name and marked them on the map in the Travel Book.  Although I did not exactly followed the suggested plan, because we had different starting points, but I did follow most of it.  On the way to the mountain was really nice and quiet with lots of beautiful houses.  

These were the pictures I took during the walk:

After long walking on the steep hills and numerous staircases, I finally got up to top where the Sacre-Coeur basilica was siutated.
In front of my eyes was the whole Paris town, and it didn't cost a penny!! 
I was amazed by the superlative view:


After visiting the Montmarte, I walked downhill which was the most common way the tourists would take, with lots of stores that sell souvenirs.  When I finally got down to the non-tourist street, it was completely different from up the top of the hill.  It was a scruffy place which made me feel unsafe.  I quickly looked around to see where I was and luckily saw my l'Open Tour Bus and so I quickly jumped on it.

I went back to Printemps to change bus.  But before getting the bus, I was hungry and thirsty and desparately need food and toilet, so I stepped in Lafayette (again) for toilet, and had my first sit-in cafe + muffin (I did not count the one in the airport!).  I did not do any shopping as I was carrying my heavy bag with cameras.  I planned to do it tomorrow.  

I did not know when I started to get headache.  After the little rest in Lafayette I hopped on to the l'Open Tour Bus to go back home.  It took quite a while to get back home because there was traffic everywhere.  

Made myself dinner, and called Helen to discuss our plan for our Paris trip when she would come next week.  Showered and went to bed.