Saturday 18 September 2010  

destination: shopping

I did not have a nice sleep last night, kept waking up every hour!  

I went for a walk to Eiffel Tower today (Yes I know, I think I did this everyday) and then walked to Trocadero for a picture with my Polaroid (becuase I was not satisfied with the previous ones I took.  It was around 10:30am (the same time as previous shoots), the sun was on the left next to Eiffel Tower and was facing me, so even I used a high exposure, I still did not get a nice clear image of the Eiffel Tower.  Not a very satisfying shoot.  I did not have much films left.  I was very disappointing about the lack of Polaroid films I can use.  

I walked back home and had breakfast at a little nearby cafe.  It was my first breakfast in a shop.  I had a really nice crossiant and a nice hot coffee.  I went back to my Apartment to leave my heavy bag and my Canon 5D, I just took my Polaroid and Diana Mini with me. I then headed for the L'Open Tour Bus to go to Printemps for shopping.  

I actually only went to Printemps and Lafeyette.  There was nothing much I really want to buy because they were all expensive.  The only thing that I really wanted was a pair of boots from Printemps. I bought some biscuits as souvenirs from Lafeyette.  I did not like H&M or Zara etc and was too tired for more shopping, so took the L'Open Tour Bus back home. 

I would be moving to another place tomorrow and one of the rules of staying in the Paris Perfect was to leave the room at a reasonable clean and tidy status, so I had a little clean up, and tidied my suitcase so getting all ready for tomorrow.  

As I was tired (I think becuase of lack of quality sleeping last night and from days of walking) I did not go out after the tidying up.  I stayed in the Apartment to enjoy the quietness, and worked on this trip report.