Sunday 19 September 2010  

destination: Moved from Cotes de Provence to The Hidden Hotel, situated near Arc de Triomphe, and explored surrounding of Arc de Triomphe

(All pictures were taken using my Canon 5D unless stated otherwise)


Not a very nice sleep last night.  

Woke up at 8:50am to do a final tidy up of my luggage.  Briefly tidied the place and called a taxi to the Hidden Hotel to drop off my luggage.  I only stayed in the lobby but it looked nice and comfy.  The room would not be ready by 16:00, that means I had to spend SIX hours on the street!!!  

I walked to Arc de Triomphe first since I think the time was still early and there would not be too much people.  It was a short walk from the hotel.  The weather was very warm, sunny, with blue sky and no clouds.  

Arc de Triomphe @ 10:30am


I did not go inside the Arc de Triomphe because you have to pay for it and I was waiting for Helen to go with me as we would have the museum pass. 

I then randomly walked to the side streets and looked around

@ 11:05am 


After two-hour walk on the street, I got tired (how surprising?!).  I walked to the main street, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, found a cafe and sit down, to fill up my stomach and get some caffine. That was 12:30pm.  

At around 14:00, I started strolling again:




Every-so-often, I had to stop and studied my map to see where I was. I must have walked for a very long way, I ended up back to Trocadero and took some more pictures of the Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower from the Tracadero view @ 15:35pm



Finally, it was 16:30 I could get my room!!   

I was presented with a "Hidden Hotel Passport" which included a key card for the room, a namecard of the hotel, a Paris map, and a postcard:  


I absolutely LOVE the room:  


I went out to have burgers for dinner.  After which I quickly went back to the hotel because what a waste it would be if I did not spend as much time as possible to stay in such a comfortable hotel?!